Nike+ – my best enemy

This ad is for nike +, the shoes that have that electronic device enabling you to measure the distance you have run with the help of your iPod. The strategy was done by Wieden and Kennedy while supervised by DDB Paris. I find this ad very good. The film is beautiful and the music is spot on. Every detail has its importance such as the girl on the bridge making him slow down and having to catch his “yesterday him” up. I find this film to be much stronger emotionally than the English version although the copywriting I find not as good.

French version:

English version:


Familiy guy – Puke contest

This is a clip from family guy that I think is brilliant. The idea might seem stupid… Wouhou people vomiting….hemmm… but the way that the scene is done is simply hilarious. Enjoy…

Gainomax cereal bar

This is an ad for the Gainomax cereal bar. This ad was done by Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm. The concept is clearly taken from the very popular heroes show. They have adapted the well know phrase “save the cheerleader, save the world” to “save the monkeys, save the world”. It is a different and cleaver way to promote a cereal bar and all that by also giving us the product details, those supposedly being the same as a banana.

Tetes a claques

Here are 2 ads for the ice cream brand Vertigo. They were done by the Duval Guillaume, New York agency who worked with the “tetes à claques” creaters. They are what I like to call “trend advertising”, which is basing the concept of the ad on something that the audience is strongly responding to. In this example they have done an English adaptation on the “Quebec French” small shows that have had an incredible impact in the French speaking communities.